restaurant l'Art Source à Paris / France


L’Art Source was born at 6 rue Marie Stuart, Montorgueil, in an old hotel particulier dating back to the 16th century.

L’Art Source takes us into the history of a place long forgotten.  Grounded by roots of ancient oak, supported by walls of flaking limestone, and elevated by the light of the sky, here you find the natural and authentic heart of the small pedestrian village within Paris, Montorgueil.

Martin Pélissier, creator, has opted to open a bistronomic wine bar and tapas in harmony with this place.  Having lived more than 6 years between Switzerland, the U.S. and Argentina, Martin strives to eliminate boarders by offering guests a reprieve through wine.  He wants, above all, to highlight the diverse terroirs of the world on a grand scale yet without pretention.

The chef is naturally able to complement these wines through the originality of his dishes. Martin and his team are never tied to one type of cuisine.  Quite to the contrary!  It is harmony and happiness that flow from his kitchen.