Our providers

Since the opening, we use authentic and traditional products from Spain Portugal and France.

Most of our products are from family producers passing on their tradition generation to generation..

We work with 3 spanish charcuterie producers : la maison Jamones Eiriz, la maison Jamones Julian Becerro et la Casa Riera Ordeix.

La maison Jamones Eiriz has been raising iberican black pork since 1818 in the north of Sevilla, at Corteconcepcion.

La maison Julian Becerro has been producing spanish charcuteries since 1930 in the montagnous province of Salamanca, in the village of La Alberca.

Born in 1852, la Casa Riera Ordeix, is the only producer in the region to continue in aging the famous saucisson Fuet is the catalonian village of Vic.

Our seafood products come from la Maison Nordique born the 1997.

We have the immense privilege to work with the talented Joël Le Hir who has been aging cheeses since 1970 in the west of Paris.

The boulangerie Blouet, located on the famous market street of rue Montorgueil provides the baguette tradition.


Wine bar, homemade tapas bar, tasting, privatization,
Anniversary, professional event, starting pot, team building ...
Wine Bar Privatized at Art Source & Martin's Cellar
Dinner aperitif up to 100 people.

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